San Blas Islands, Panama

The San Blas Islands are located along
the Caribbean coast of Panama east of
the Panama Canal and stretch almost
to the Colombian border in a series of
approximately 350 islands, of which no
more than 50 are inhabited by the
Guna Indians.  Only a 20-minute plane
ride, or 21/2-hour truck ride  from
Panama City, a trip to the San Blas
islands will transport you centuries into
the past. The friendly Guna Indians,
who run all the islands as an
autonomous province with minimal
interference from the national
government, have maintained their own
economic system, language, customs
and culture, with distinctive dress,
legends, music and dance. The area is
surrounded by reefs, and offers
wonderful sailing, snorkeling, and
swimming opportunities. One of the
best ways to visit these islands is on a
sailing charter.
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Bocas del Toro,
San Blas Islands,
Bocas del Toro, Panama

The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is
located along the Caribbean coast of
Panama, west of the Panama Canal
and only a 30-minute plane ride from
San Jose, Costa Rica or Panama City.
This cruising ground consists of 2 large
bays, 8 major islands, and over 200
minor islets. The local population
includes Creoles and indigenous
Indians. Bocas del Toro provides a
great vacation mix - quaint Caribbean
towns with hotels, restaurants, and
night life, surrounded by the protected
bays with stunning reef systems,
mangrove islets, island rain forests and
local indigenous villages.

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Southern Belle is available for crewed charter holiday for a day, a weekend, a week, or more to
explore the islands of Panama.   All inclusive sailing tours include:

  • Three delicious meals daily
  • Fresh water, coffee, tea, juice
  • Snorkel equipment, fishing, kayaks, beach games
  • Visiting indigenous villages
  • Island hiking and exploration

Jungle hiking in Panama, San Blas
Mola shopping in Kuna Yala, San Blas
Dolphin viewing San Blas and Bocas del Toro
Snorkel Bocas del Toro and San Blas Islands
Kayak Bocas del Toro and San Blas Islands
Guna culture, San Blas islands
Amazing coral reef islands of San Blas

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